Waist marker neolatex Classyfitgaine


This new ClassyFitGaine Waist Marker is designed to be worn on a daily basis and during your training sessions.

This exclusive ClassyFitGaine Waist Marker model is a complete model that fully covers and maintains the bust. It is mainly composed of latex, which accelerates fat loss through optimal compression. The inside of the Waist Marler is in neolatex which allows you to sweat 4 times more than a classic model.

The first part closes with a zipper and in order to mark your size, you can tighten your waist using the scratch.

Your whole bust is therefore well covered by the waist and the well marked waist thanks to its scratch system.

It is advisable to choose your usual size at the top.

This model is more flexible than the classic model to facilitate movement during your training sessions. 2 scratchs model to attach your waist more easily.

It is ideal to be worn during your training sessions.

Product reference : 4037

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