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Pack 1 month Xpur solution + 1 month Natural Booster


Pack 1 month fat burner + 1 month Natural Booster

Combine our two food supplements to reach your goals much faster.

XPUR SOLUTION: This natural fat burner contains SINETROL® Xpur, a combination of plants whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven **. Studies have notably shown a decrease in waist circumference and an increase in fat breakdown. Our Burner also contains guarana which contributes to fat metabolism and promotes weight loss in addition to dietary measures.

Scientifically proven efficacy **

Patented ingredient **

** SINETROL scientific studies: “Dallas C. et al. ; Phytomedicine; 2008,15: 783-792 ”and“ Dallas C. et al. ; Phytotherapy Research; 2014, 28 (2): 212-218 ”

NATURAL BOOSTER: We offer you a product that has a localized action on the stomach and will therefore allow you to have a flat stomach more quickly in addition to relieving your intestinal discomfort.

* This natural product whose main component is fennel which is recognized for its benefits and nutrients stimulating weight loss and promoting a flat stomach. It promotes the production of gastric enzymes which improve intestinal transit and help relieve bloating. Rich in fiber and minerals, fennel also helps keep you fuller for longer and reduce fat storage.

Suitable for vegetarians

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