Daily latex Waist Cincher 2 rows of hooks


This Waist Cincher is designed for everyday wear.

It is composed mainly of latex, which accelerates the loss of fat through optimal compression and a significant increase in sweating.

Model with 2 rows of hooks which will allow you to adjust your Waist Cincher.

To choose your size, please consult the size guide or if in doubt choose your usual clothing size (based on the size of your t-shirts).

It is ideal to be worn daily between 4 and 8 hours maximum per day.

It is not recommended to eat while wearing the Waist Cincher and it is strictly forbidden to sleep with the Waist Cincher.

This model is not designed to be worn during your sports sessions.

It is advisable to wait at least 3 months after childbirth before being able to wear a Waist Cincher.

In case of doubt (allergy, surgery, etc.), consult your doctor.

Product reference : 2025

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